We live in a state that has so many things to offer. You as an individual better do something about it. In this day and age technology is running the world. From one day to the next people become “stars” in their own little world. With that comes exposure on who you are in any type of media. We were placed on this earth to be something, someone, or somebody, to better ourselves. Live life to its fullest. Whatever the case may be you are doing something that others are scared to do, may not be cool to our peers or parents. Do what you want, say what you want, create what you want, wear what you want. You are who you are. That makes you stand out from the rest. Earns respect from those who follow or simply watch. You don’t have to be from Kali, everyone knows when you step foot in another state. The West coast vibe radiates. Our mission is to expose who we are, and what we are about. We never forget where we came from. What we are doing is necessary.